Time Series Admin is a tool built primarily for developers and administrators who need a simple user interface for interacting with InfluxDB databases. A general knowledge about InfluxQL is required to use Time Series Admin properly, but for those who just want to browse through the structure of a database, there is Explorer panel. One of the most useful features in everyday work is the query history panel which remembers last 30 queries. Time Series Admin is built as an alternative to Chronograf and deprecated Influx Admin UI.Go ahead and browse through the Showcase section to find out more.

Time Series Admin Application on Mac OS X


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A short presentation of Time Series Admin application features.

  • Browse through Influx query results Browse through Influx query results

    With interactive results table you can easily browse through query results

  • Adjust time format Adjust time format

    Select desired time format for current query results

  • Save InfluxDB connection data Save InfluxDB connection data

    With SAVE CONNECTION DATA button you may store your current connection data in CONNECT panel list.

  • Explore InfluxDB server Explore InfluxDB server

    Go through your InfluxDB structure without writing single InfluxQL query.

  • Repeat recently run queries Repeat recently run queries

    Click on HISTORY list entry to place selected query inside Query textarea. Easily repeat it or refactor before running again.

  • Check references without leaving Time Series Admin Check references without leaving Time Series Admin

    Click on selected reference in REFERENCE panel to place it inside Query textarea. Easily refactor query code and run it.

  • Make more space for results Make more space for results

    You can hide or show utility panels to make space for query results if needed.

  • Understand your mistakes Understand your mistakes

    Thanks to the descriptive and interactive error messages

  • Verify results of your requests Verify results of your requests

    Simple DROP MEASUREMENT query should return 200: OK, which you may quickly verify.

  • Check password input value Check password input value

    You can view password as a plain text if necessary.

  • Scale application window to fit your needs Scale application window to fit your needs

    It is responsive, but don't go crazy small or it will become unusable.

If you didn't find a feature you are looking for don't hesitate to ask.


It is free to download, share and use.Application is MIT licensed, so you may modify it however you want, if needed.